Privacy Notice

Wows Premium Shop appraises our trustworthy relationship with our customers and associates who share their personal information with us. As we admit the fact that the privacy of one’s personal info is a more sensitive case than any other consent. Therefore, we ensure to manage your personal data by taking into account our prestigious values to grant respect to the privacy of users. 

Privacy Overview

In order to avoid any interruptions and create a safe and sound environment for shoppers and visitors, we are contemplating you follow our privacy policies. 

By the way, we are obliged to mention there that we care about everyone’s privacy. We always follow transparent and fair dealings. So, we are committed to upfront the best practices of our policies regarding why we take your personal info and how we use it. 

With the assurance of keeping your data safe and protected from any third party, we feel confident to say that your given information will never leak or share with someone. Because we never tolerate any violation of our rules and policies. Just enjoy your shopping by following our policies. 

Rules & Policies for Shoppers

At wows premium shop, we always intend to create and maintain a secure, peaceful, and pleasant atmosphere for our worthy customers. But for this, there are some particular rules and regulations that we expect from your side.  Which are;

  • You have to provide the right contact details. However, on providing false information, strict actions will be taken. 
  • You must have to pay for the item that you intend to buy from the wows premium shop. Anonymously bidding on any item is not allowed. 
  • You have to bid for the items which you have to buy. Please avoid false bidding. 
  • We can’t process the shopping carts with suspected information. 

Overall, our main focus is on keeping things equitable and transparent. Because we intend to;

  • Follow the legitimate regulations for buying and selling 
  • Focus on reducing the risks factors 
  • Create a healthy and enjoyable place to shop for everything
  • Ensure fair dealings
  • Provide intellectual property (IP) rights protection 

Being a buyer, you have to obey the laws and policies of the site and help us to maintain things just and crystal clear.

What Kind of Information We Collected 

Generally, when a visitor lands on our site, we collect his/her information in direct as well as indirect ways. Don’t think about it. Let us clear this ambiguity.

Once you create your account, get register yourself on the site, or fill out the form to contact us, you’re obliged to share some of your personal details. Such as your Name, Email Address, Password, Contact No (if required), etc. you provide us directly. 

Moreover, on visiting the site, our site’s robots track your device info (IP, location, model, etc.) as well indirectly. In addition, it all depends on your activity and interaction on the site, it will automatically receive and record your information from your web browser.  

Apart from these, when you have to intend to shop for any product from wows premium shop, we will ask for your location, mailing address, and payment details as well. 

What We Do With the Collected Information 

We have no more intentions to collect your information rather than to provide our products. However, we use your personal info and feedback to track your location and interest and get to know about the shopper. This helps us to make the process transparent and free from any ambiguity, i.e., fraud, violation of our policies, and marketing our goods. 

In order to more clarifying things, we are obliged to mention that your given data helps us in;

  • Maintaining users’ accounts 
  • Verifying customers’ info
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Processing and fulfilling the orders and transactions
  • Auditing and monitoring engagements and transactions 
  • Making sure safety to prevent issuing any fraud case
  • Fulfilling our legal functions and obligations
  • Analyzing our business operations to make improvements 

Thus, we use your given data for beneficial purposes for both sides; our site and our shoppers. 

How We Safe the Collected Information

When you visit our e-store, we take the best possible security measures to keep your data well-protected. As we give assurance to keep your personal info safe and secure, we strictly follow cybersecurity hygiene. We are prone to create a well-protected digital ecosystem that minimizes the risks across the site and protects visitors, customers, members, provided data, and the whole system, ensuring instant defense against any sort of cyber threat. 

User’s Ability to View or Modify their Information  

When you come to our site, as per the rules, we ask you to sign in or create your account. For this, you have to share your personal details and payment information as well as contact information. As it’s mandatory, you’re obliged to follow the rules and conditions which are applicable to you as a shopper. 

Well! You have a right to edit your info but when we receive any query or alert to edit the profile info, we will first analyze the activity and allow you to make changes. On any suspected activity, we can restrict the changes request to prevent the privacy of users. Moreover, if you want to delete your account, you can do it with no hassle. But it will be better to mention the reason for deleting your account. This will help us to make improvements to our site. 

How We Use Cookies on WOWs Premium Shop

Our site – uses cookies for a safe and improved browsing and shopping experience for its users. When you come to our site, we ask you to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ our cookies. Whether you accept or reject, you can browse our site and its all web pages without any hassle. 

However, if you enable our cookies, you can get the advantage of our certain features. Such as, on accepting our cookies, we remember your browsers and until it remains open, it lets us memorize your shopping cart. Moreover, when you visit our site and accept our cookies, such practice will help you to navigate our site easily and ensure you a more personalized shopping experience. 

In addition, if we make any changes to our site after accepting our cookies from your side, you will able to get our site’s updated version. However, you wouldn’t enjoy the latest deals and style guides that we will bring on our site. Anyhow, if you accept the cookies, it will be a beneficial step for you as well as for us.  

How You Can Contact Us 

Have any questions related to our Privacy Policy and our product or order, or give us feedback? Feel free to contact us at the given details. 

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