We welcome you warm-heartedly at Wows Premium Shop! It’s a proud moment for us to bring ease to your life with the world’s best products. But we are bound to ask you to understand our rules and regulations, prior to moving for shopping here. Here, we’ve enlisted our major terms and conditions. Just go and dive deep into them. It will help to keep away any hassle and confess to more hustle. 👍 

Terms of Use WPS

It’s inevitably important to mention that all the materials of Wows Premium Shop, including, images, videos or audio clips, logos, page headers, text, illustrations, and designs are intended to be personal and not permitted for commercial use. 

If a user comes to our site and uses any of our site’s content by copying or downloading, it’s strictly prohibited. Moreover, it’s not allowed for someone to alter or modify the content in any way. We have reserved our rights to take serious action against any suspected activity. We will change, suspend, or terminate the accounts that intermingle our intellectual property rights.

Copyright & Trademarks 

Any visitor or customer is obliged to retain all the trademarks, copyrights, or proprietary designations of the site content. The whole content of the site which entails, all the page headers, photos, audio & video clips, images, designs, illustrations, and all the written content of main landing pages and other category pages is considered our own proprietary.

Being the trademark or our exclusive intellectual property of Wows Premium Shop, no one can use the content or sell any product to a third party by violating our privacy policies or other terms of use. So it’s mandatory to avoid any contravention and abusing our legitimacy.

Product Descriptions 

At Wows Premium Shop, we always intend to describe all the products accurately. However, we do not give a warranty on the given product descriptions or any other content that’s absolutely current, finely detailed, accurate, reliable, complete, and free from any omissions. 

Shipping Time Frames & Terms

We deliver our versatile products across the globe with Free Shipping. Once you put your products to buy in the shopping cart, it may take 8 to 10 or 15 to 20 business days to reach the order on your doorstep. However, it depends on the order size and the number of items you have to buy. 

Once your order has shipped, you will get a confirmation email along with your order tracking number. You may get updates or info about the particular tracking number. Or even further inquiries, you may send an email back to the sender. 

Refund & Return Processing 

First of all, you have to choose the product very carefully. However, if any product or item doesn’t suit you or you have decided to cancel the order, then there may two scenarios. If the order has not shipped yet, your order will be canceled as per your decision. For this, you can use our online refund portal and proceed further by opting for the best suitable refund option. 

In other cases, you feel a wrong ordering item, selecting incorrect sizes, faulty or damaged product, the item doesn’t match the product description, or for some other reasons, you have to cancel the order. But if your order has shipped, then the item will surely be delivered to your doorstep. So, you have a right to return it. Again you can cancel the order via the online portal for returning the products by following the guidelines.

Privacy Disclaimer

By understanding one’s privacy as a sensitive aspect, we take it as important to you. Why and how we collect your personal information and how we use it, all are mentioned in detail on our ‘Privacy Policy page. You may visit it or clear out your concerns if you have any. 

Being the data controller, we are obliged to maintain the privacy of your given information. All the data collecting, processing, and storing are the responsibility of the site. However, if there is any case reported violating the privacy of the user or the site, Wows Premium Shop has a charge to fine or sue the third party which is found to involve in any data leakage or disclosure of users’ personal information.

Payment Terms 

We have offered standard payment terms, not any hard and fast rules over it. Once you choose a product to buy at Wows Premium Shop, you have to consider all the terms and conditions before buying any good. Then you are obliged to make the full payment and after that, the order will be dispatched and shipped to your doorstep. 

For payment, you have myriad ways to opt for it. But we mostly prefer the Credit Card option over the rest. However, Debit Card Payment or Bank Transfer methods are also entertained on the site. 

User Comments & Feedback 

We are pleased to receive comments, feedback, suggestions, and ideas from our users. But still, there are some particular rules to follow while commenting or giving feedback on the products, etc. Being a user, if you have to disclose your interest in Wows Premium Shop, you are obliged to send only public comments.

However, you are not allowed to comment which contains confidential information, i.e., computer code, promotional links, stories, product ideas, or other related info. Violating this rule will come into account against our property rights. So, such comments will never be entertained on our site.  

Cancellation Policies

By the way, we always believe to keep things fair and transparent. However, if there is any violation reported from your side, you can cancel your account setting on Wows Premium Shop. But we will surely be analyzed the facts and strict actions will be taken. 

However, if we have any legal concerns from your side, like the violation of our rules and regulation. We are obliged to terminate your account. Your account details and even your content will be removed and turned blacklisted. 

Limitation of Liabilities 


External Links 

We are obliged to inform you that certain products, content, and materials that we offer at our store may include materials from third parties. So, we are not responsible for evaluating or examining third-party content. 

Moreover, we have no liability or give warranty on the accuracy and reliability of the materials or content from the other source. In addition, we are also not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, or any other transactions made in connection with the third party. 

Contact Information

If you have any concerns related to our ‘Terms and Conditions,’ you can contact us at our email; orders@wowspremiumshop.com